Our history

Considering the growing interest for this sport, we decided to create this concept to gather all the expertise in a single point of contact: Move2Padel.

We have been passionately following this sport for 15 years now and it is the fastest growing sport in the world.

The frenetic desire to make this sport grow outside of Spain came to us by realizing that the Belgian territory had too few infrastructures close to our home and that it was therefore necessary to travel many kilometres to play padel...

Then with the help of our partners (clubs, manufacturers, manufacturers and our ambassadors) we started to talk about our activity around us.

Why ?

Experienced in the construction of pitches at European level, it is logical that little by little we decided to extend our activities towards the sale of padel equipment, the construction of pitches, the organisation of tournaments, events and team building.

With time, many players have trusted us in the choice of their racquet and several paddle clubs use now our services to develop the sale of equipment’s and different brands of padel.

To date, we are able to accompany you in your projects, starting with the advice on land placement, the choice of business model and the organisation of tournaments and courses for teachers.

Head full of padel

You have a Padel project? We are there to accompany you throughout its realization until the achievement of your needs, desires.

Your Padel expert at your service!

Breakdown by Activities

What does Move2Padel offer?

Supporting your project from A to Z

  • Preparation of your business plan
  • Market research for the creation of your club
  • Study of the location of your land
  • Advice in the realization of the soil
  • Definition of needs when setting up your land (plant)
  • Site follow-up
  • Expert soil placement to meet the needs of padel fields
  • Sale and placement of padel structures
  • Structural maintenance
  • Carpet maintenance and decompaction cleaning


  • Support for your personalised team buildings
  • Animation during tournaments or other events related to the padel
  • Tournament organization
  • Custom T-shirts from 10 to 500 items for event tournaments
  • Organization of courses in Belgium, Holland, France and Spain
  • Incentive - Teambuilding
  • Discover this new sport for 8 to 50 people
  • Sale of equipment
  • Advice in the sale of snowshoes, balls and paddle equipment
    * BlackCrown, Starvie trust us for the distribution of their articles
  • Lesuco
  • Cover option, roof from 1 to 10 pitches to enjoy your favorite sport in all weather conditions

Racquets & Accessories

As an official distributor for the BlackCrown and Starvie brand, we are fortunate (happy) to be able to offer you a very wide choice of snowshoes and very beautiful manufacture.

You will always find the rare pearl you are looking for.

Our collaboration agreements with major distributors allow us to offer you a whole series of other brands. Just contact us to talk about it.

The entire Black Crown, Donnay & Star Vie catalog is available.

Download the Blackcrown 2024 products guide

Download the Blackcrown 2024 Textil products guide

Meet our team

Michel Orosz
Principal promotor
and founder
Jérémy Gala
Experienced player and teacher
(Belgian Top 10)
Jérémy Leroy
Experienced player and teacher
(Belgian Top 10)
Experienced player
Julien Evrard
Experienced player and teacher
(Belgian Top 15)
Méline Orosz
Junior player
(Belgian Top 10)

Our partners

To contact us:
+32(0)496 27 07 98